Aquarian Leadership
⮎ Leadership and Duty

Right Action


There are three motives for right action, and, when the motor-power of wish and will is used to guide us aright in the daily routine of life, we walk fast on the Path of Good Works, Dana, Charity; Tapas, thoughtful Control; and Yagna, enlightened Sacrifice, are called Krishna’s own deeds….This habit of doing daily a few acts of Dana, of Tapas, of Yagna, leads us to perform all our duties for the Ray of the Supreme Spirit at the core of our consciousness….

We must not be hasty; the art of performing Good Works, like true knowledge, is not acquired easily or speedily; our aspirations should go hand in hand with ever-deepening devotion which makes the waters of wisdom spring up spontaneously. Good acts require knowledge; true assimilation of knowledge requires devotion; these three ever go together.

Thus Have I Heard

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