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Irreversible Choice


The timeless Teaching of Divine Wisdom has always had urgency for the individual, as in the days of Jesus, when he asked, “Whom choose ye this day?” A critical, ultimate, irreversible choice is involved. Now, when the opportunities are great for the whole of the human race, something has begun which will become in time a mighty stream that will nourish the earth. It will reflect the hidden fire of the Mysteries, known to those who have travelled far on the secret Path that leads to the invisible summits of enlightenment.

At the first portal of the Path, there is the fateful inscription: “Abandon hope all who enter here.” Abandon hope for the petty personality, abandon hope for ambition, pride and selfish desire. Abandon hope, above all, for one’s own salvation if one would enter the Path, which leads to a galaxy of Gurus, mighty men of meditation and lovers of all humanity who are wholly dedicated to the sacred goal of universal enlightenment.

They have said: “If you wish to know us, study our philosophy. If you wish to serve us, serve our humanity. If you take one step in our direction, we will take one step in yours.”

Raghavan Iyer

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