On Being A Leader

Aquarian Leadership

⮎  On Being A Leader

For the Welfare of Those They Lead

FOR THE WELFARE OF THOSE THEY LEAD Buddhist tradition describes three styles of compassionate leadership: the trailblazer, who leads from the front, takes risks, and sets an example; the ferryman, who accompanies those in his care, sharing the ups and downs of the crossing; and

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Leadership, Ethics, and Humor

LEADERSHIP, ETHICS AND HUMOR “Horizontal Leadership” The global impulse for individual liberty and human equality is sweeping through all social and political structures. There is, understandably, an increasing tendency to democratize our notion of leadership and separate it from established social structures, formal roles and

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Yield and Remain Whole

YIELD AND REMAIN WHOLE Yield and remain whole; Bend and remain straight. Be empty and remain full. Be worn and remain anew. Own little and be replete. Own much and be restless. Therefore the Sage embraces the ONE And sets an example for the whole

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Courage of Conscience

COURAGE OF CONSCIENCE No one is so busy or so poor that he cannot be inspired by a noble ideal to follow. Why hesitate to blaze a trail toward that ideal through all obstacles, all hindrances, all the daily considerations of social life, and to

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