Theosophy as Divine Wisdom
⮎ Searching for Truth

Self-Devised Efforts


H.P. Blavatsky writes that each student is responsible for their own self-devised efforts of learning and service in the pursuit of Truth.

However, all human beings have a germ of the Divine spark within, and, as a ray of the Divine, have access to an inner light of understanding which enables them to look into universal principles. Such practice attunes one magnetically to like-minded influences.  M.K. Gandhi wrote that when we have grasped fundamental principles, we should be able to apply them to any given set of circumstances.  A student can test them with their own insight, reason, and experience in daily life.  These principles can become an aspect of meditation and self-reform.  A student of William Quan Judge once wrote, “Carefully examine the teachings offered and accept only that one whose fundamental propositions can be universally applied such that their truth becomes self-evident.”

The universal principles of the Wisdom Religion are so fertile that one can continually go back to them in order to question and discern rich and regenerating meanings especially in the company of fellow students.  With a purified heart and calm mind, the student may touch the invisible, underlying spirit and develop a more discerning and expansive moral imagination and spiritual knowledge.

A Theosophical student

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