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Real Devotion


Real devotion is a return to one’s true nature.  All human souls in the Third Root Race were natural exemplars of humanity, and were joyously devoted.  In the infancy of the human race immortal souls did not know any way other than devotion and harmony, which is why devotion has often been compared to the child state.  Any other mental posture was unnatural to them.  To discover one’s own true nature through jnana is also to release that true devotion which bring back the spiritual knowledge that was one’s own in many former lives.  True devotion is a fusion between the chela and the Guru, the mind and the heart of the disciple becoming totally attuned to the mind and heart of the Teacher.  So great is the luminous beauty of this state of total attunement that it is a shining paradigm of the immemorial teaching of Divine Wisdom and the sacred process of initiation.  Mystics have conveyed this in many ways because it is a state that is understandable by at some level by every human being who has a hidden spark which helps to recognize the flame that intimates the fire.  As there is a spark of true devotion in each human heart, so there is Buddhi in every human being, even though latent and reflected in kama.  If Buddhi is the seed of the Buddha, the lighting up of the Buddhi, the spark of devotion, in vast multitudes of human beings is the alchemical function of all Spiritual Teachers.  They come to awaken soul-memories of human beings who have forgotten or fallen from their pristine state, soul-memories of what they are essentially are and what they self-consciously could become.

by Raghavan Iyer
From Hermes, “As Above, So Below”

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